Groceries And Saving With Extreme Couponing

In this day and age when the economic downturn is affecting low-income and medium-income families the most, saving on your groceries by extreme couponing can be a very good way to save as much money as possible and really fix your budget. The housing crisis came as a shock to many people across America and in some other parts of the world and really hit the mark in letting people know that the struggles of life can be managed by being frugal, planning a good budget and saving as much as possible on your necessary expenses. This way, families can pay off all their bills and debts while at the same time still having enough for savings, retirement and a comfortable way of life.

Let’s face it, if you want to be happy, then money is one of the most important things to take care of. You can’t do anything about your debts – they must be paid, and cutting back on some of your personal expenses and entertainment can make you miserable. So why not get into maximum couponing and instead cut back on groceries? You’re not losing quality, you’re getting the same products and services, but often for a fraction of the price. It’s a win-win situation for families, all it requires is for someone in the family to be proactive about finding and making the best of the hundreds of rebates, coupons and special deals available.

Starting with the basics

The most basic element that anyone who is looking into couponing should start with is to make sure that their local grocery stores have flyers which are filled with rebates and coupons. The easiest way to do this is simply to pick up a flyer the next time you go shopping. But that should not be the be all and end all of your search – there are many other places to get flyers and coupons.

The most common place to find them is in your mailbox, usually on the weekends, although in some places these coupons and flyers tend to still come in on Thursdays (before computerized and automated payroll systems, everyone got paid on Wednesday night, so companies took advantage of this by printing their deals and rebates for Thursday). Nowadays, companies tend to print their intensive couponing literature for the weekends as this is usually when people have time to look at the material and decide whether they want to spend on something or not.

So make sure you check your local and national newspapers, local stores for flyers and also your mailbox regularly for the advertising material you get.

Using the Internet to find coupons

The Internet is another ripe orchard for finding deals and rebates with max couponing. You can do this manually with relative ease – if you frequently go to a certain grocery store or pharmacy to pick up your household items, then you might want to check their website for the latest PDF version of their catalog. This changes roughly once a week in most places, so it’s not too labor intensive. You can usually print it and take it straight to the store when you want to pick up your deals.

Another great way to find extreme couponing choices on the Internet is to sign up for some sort of affiliate marketing service where you get coupons delivered to your inbox on a frequent basis. Some of these cost money, so you want to be careful how much you spend and whether it is really worth it, but increasingly there are more and more services available which are completely free. One good place to check out some of the free services is on the site Reddit, where some of the sub forums such as r/freebies, r/personalfinance and r/frugal have some of the best tips and tricks and of course coupons and rebates for anyone who is interested.

Making ends meet in the home

It doesn’t really matter what your level of income is, having a good family budget, finding and making use of extreme couponing techniques as well as saving as much money as possible just by using a bit of resourcefulness and creativity will go a long way to improving your quality of life.

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