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If you are lucky enough to live in an area with Publix as one of your grocery stores-then you are indeed a blessed person. Yes, other stores have good deals and great sales, but Publix is AWESOME! Yes, they are still awesome, even with some changes to their coupon policy! These changes are just trying to make it so that the shopping/couponing experience is the same across the board for all of us, rather than “it works like THIS at MY store”, and ” it works like THAT at MY store…” that they were hearing ALLLL the time. It does make it more difficult on some of us. BUT, the only part that will truly alter most of my couponers shopping habits will be the one money off total purchase coupon per household per day. But, I am sure that we will figure out some ways to alleviate that…

I have always found them to be very customer friendly, because they are employee owned. They truly want our business. They are also very coupon friendly, in that they do not make it difficult on the customer to use coupons-when we are using them correctly. All Publix stores have converted their registers to the new Databar system. (You know- how they have that new long code instead of the old UPC code) This will eventually be an awesome thing for the cashiers, as well as the customer. It is supposed to prevent fraudulent use of coupons, such as buying an item and then using a different coupon towards it than intended; or using 2 manufacturer coupons towards 1 item, etc… Even tho’ the system is in place, the Databar company itself is STILL working out kinks in their own system. (4/8/13-Still has kinks that are not worked out

Publix does have a corporate coupon policy, as of May 2011- which is now revised, as of 10/1/14. You can print it from the link I provided. I suggest having a copy in your coupon binder. Their policy covers things like :

1 MQ per item, including BOGO. (You can use 1 MQ on the “Buy” item AND 1 MQ on the “Free” item!) Each item is an individual sale.
They accept competitor coupons, but that is decided by each individual store based on what competitors are in their local area. Check for a green poster in the entry way of your local store.
Competitor coupons are only accepted for identical merchandise they sell.
Publix accepts competing pharmacy coupons for prescriptions only.
They reserve the right to limit how much of any item you can purchase. (Meaning- don’t clear the shelf!)
You can use a “money off purchase” coupon from a competitor (such as -Winn Dixie’s $5 off $30) AND a Publix Q- IF you meet the financial requirements of BOTH. EXAMPLE: The Winn Dixie Q says $5 off $30 and the Publix Q says $3 off $30. This means you have to have a pre-coupon total of at least $60.
They do not price match from any other store. (This is something that only Walmart does.)
They only accept ONE Publix and ONE competitor money off total purchase Q per household per day. (No more splitting up transactions into separate orders in the same store.)
Publix now limits you to 8 LIKE coupons per day, per household.
Any overage due will be paid in the form of a gift card.
Publix is very good about having their own store coupons continuously! They have a co-op flyer with Q’s (that used to be called the Green Advantage Buy and Yellow Advantage Buy flyer) these each have their own name each time, but they are out every 3 weeks. Ask for them at the CS desk!! These are filled with sales and store coupons. They also have various booklets to watch for throughout the month. I, along with other blogs, tell you about them as soon as we hear of the new ones. Please ask for 2. If they are still there the next time you shop and you need more, ask for 2 more. Sometimes they haven’t received them yet, sometimes they are behind the desk and you need to ask. (The reason they are now behind the desk most often is because some super greedy people kept taking WAY too many and shelf clearing!! PLEASE use your manners when couponing!!!)

You may want to sign up for several Publix coupon publications that are put out regularly:

Bestmealsathome- this is an email that arrives about every 6 weeks or so. It is filled with coupons to use only at Publix. These use Java to print. You can print each Q twice.
Cookingwithkraft- this site puts out Publix Kraft coupons occasionally. They used to be faithful, but have really slacked off.
Stockingspree- This is a booklet that is mailed to you several times a year. Once you sign up, they mail one to you each time. You won’t need to sign up again. Once per household.
One term to learn for Publix shopping is called “stacking”. An example of “Stacking” is when you buy Cheerios and use a $1 Cheerios MQ AND you use a $2 Publix Cheerios coupon towards the exact same box of cereal, saving yourself $3 on the ONE box. Sounds great, right??? This is another reason why we LOVE Publix so much!!

Publix now has digital coupons. You will need to set up an account, using your phone number. Then every so often new coupons are added to their site and you have to check them out and choose which ones to load to your account. There are occasional ones that are a great value. Mostly they have this program to help people who do not regularly use coupons, to save money. These are not ever going to replace paper coupons. Super couponers are still going to be able to use your regular Q’s and save big bucks!

These are Manufacturer coupons (MQ).
They can only be used once.
You can not use another paper MQ towards the same item, but you can use a store Q on the item (stacking).
These coupons do have limits, just like the ones you find from or other printable sites. So load anything you might want when you see them. You do not have to enter your phone number at the register if you are not wanting to use their coupons during that transaction.
These are available as soon as you click on them.
Publix also has their own publications to sign up for, as well as clubs to join. These include the Baby Club, Preschool Pals, Paws-the Pet Club, Grape Magazine, and Family style Magazine. The Baby club is for infants & toddlers up to 2 years of age. Grape is for the wine enthusiast. Familystyle is for families and includes fun, healthy, family-style articles and recipes. You can often pick these magazines up in the store, but you can also sign up for them, to ensure that you actually get a copy of each one. They are published quarterly.

If an item rings up at a higher cost than they have advertised, Publix will refund the cost of that one item. If you were buying 6 of that item and they rang up at the incorrect cost, they are not giving you all 6 for free, but they will give you one for free and then correct the pricing for the remainder.

If they are out of an item that you wanted, ask for a raincheck. Their rainchecks are good for 30 days. If your coupons that you intended to use on that deal are close to expiring, let them know that and they will usually staple the Q’s to the raincheck and sign the corner. Thus, allowing you to still use them when the item is re-stocked. ***I just asked about this at my local store, and the Manager reiterated that this policy will stay the same at his store.***

When you are ready to check out, always offer your money off coupon ($5 off $30) first, while your total is at its highest. I do not ever hand over all of my Q’s at once. I have them sorted and ready ahead of time into categories (Store, competitor, manufacturer) and I had them over 2 at a time. My reason for this is that if you hand over all 35 coupons and then later count the coupons used and only find 32…. What are you to do? There is no way to know what coupons scanned and what did not. I hand over 2 at a time and have the next 2 ready and waiting for them to grab and I LISTEN for that “beep, beep” as the Q’s scan. (They may ask for them, but they do not have to take all your Q’s from you at once!!)

Publix partners with several companies for some great giveaways and sweepstakes throughout the year. One of them being the Pepsico/Frito-Lay Super Bowl Sweepstakes. Amanda, one of the couponers from the early days of Xtreme Couponing With Dee Dee, won the GRAND prize from them! All expenses paid trip for 4 to the Super Bowl or $10,000! Which one do you think SHE chose? (And which one did her significant other want her to choose???) Watch for the tearpads in the snack & soda aisles, as well as other places inside Publix.

One final thought for you regarding having a great experience couponing at Publix- be nice to your cashiers! Build a relationship with the ones that you see week after week. If you get a cashier, bagger or even manager that goes above and beyond- always remember to take a few minutes and write their corporate office a quick note with a compliment!! They love to hear praise!!! The regular staff at my Publix know me by name. They know what I do here on Xtreme and what I am trying to promote. I always try to be respectful and courteous to them and in return they are always helpful and pleasant to me & my family. I can’t say enough good things about Publix (and no, I don’t get paid in any way shape or form by them). 🙂

If I can answer any other questions regarding Publix, let me know!
Happy Publix couponing!!

TERMS used today:
MQ-Manufacturer’s coupon
PQ-Publix coupon
BOGO- Buy One Get One Free


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