How To Save Money For Travelling With Extreme Couponing

There are many ways to enjoy travel with extreme couponing. The next time you are planning a holiday or a vacation, then make sure you check out ways to get your hands on discounts and bargains because you really stand to save a lot of money by doing this. Vacations usually cost quite a bit – up to $100 per person even for day trips – and by finding coupons and other value deals you can really make your vacation even more enjoyable by saving on a lot of expenses. Especially if you have a partner, or even if you have a family, then couponing can even make vacations possible for some families where otherwise it would not even be doable. A family trip can often cost several hundred dollars, not to mention if you plan to go out of state or even out of the country, then you may even have to spend thousands of dollars.

Extreme couponing and airfares

Using coupons is often used to save on airfares, because these tend to be the most expensive part of any trip. Airfares have drastically risen over the years, contrary to the general trend where things are supposed to get cheaper over time. Because of the various taxes and levies that various authorities, governments, and institutions have imposed on the costs of air travel – such as fuel surcharges, security taxes, carbon taxes and many more – it’s often the passengers that foot the bill. In a somewhat ludicrous situation, a low-cost airfare on some of the budget airlines that is supposed to cost you just a few dollars can, in reality, cost you over $100 just because of all the taxes and levies that you must deal with.

This type of extra surcharge puts an extreme barrier of entry into air travel for low-income families and individuals and might mean the difference between going on a vacation or not at all. This is why maximum couponing with airfares can really help you save a lot of money.

There are many airlines that offer coupons and other rebates through partnering with other providers of products and services.

Air miles: one of the best couponing systems in the world

One of the best and most convenient super couponing services in the world is the system of air miles that have been set up between many airlines and many companies. What usually happens is that if you use a certain service (you can most commonly find this in banks and other financial institutions), you will get some sort of a card and become part of a loyalty program. If you buy products or services from any of the affiliated partners of the company providing you the loyalty card, you can add a percentage of the cost you pay as “points” to your card or account. If you amass enough of these points or air miles as they are commonly known, you can use them as a rebate against travel expenses such as airfares, car rentals, hotel bookings and other travel-related purchases. Air miles can often be gained by simple actions such as buying gas from a certain chain of stations, buying furniture from certain stores or even buying appliances and computing technology from certain retailers.

For instance, if you are signed up with Visa or MasterCard, or many banks across the world, you will get a debit or credit card that lets you collect air miles based on setting up certain transactions. A simple direct debit deposit to pay your rent can land you 5,000 air miles at certain banks while paying a bill online will land you another few thousand points as part of a promotion. Check your local bank to see if they have any systems like this setup, because people are often surprised to find that with very little effort, they can get a free airline ticket to a huge number of destinations across the country and even to international locations.

Check your local travel agents as well

Another good tip if you want to get into extreme couponing is to check your local travel agent as well. They often have great deals that will let you save even more than you expected.

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