10 Websites That Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store

We’re continuing our monthly series on how to save money, stretching your dollar, and maximizing your time. A few days ago we provided you with the Top Printable Coupon Websites, so today we’re going to expand that into 10 Websites That Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store. Unlike our top printable coupon websites, going directly to a company’s website can have bigger benefits, including higher value printable coupons, free samples, and exclusive promotions and emails.

Many of these companies you may already be aware of, but for those of you that are starting the year fresh, new to couponing and looking to put your budget on a diet, these are all great resources to help meet your savings goal. All of these savings are the old school way of saving money, mostly with email alerts, mailers, and printable coupons.

10 Websites That Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store

1. Whole Foods – Did you know Whole Foods has monthly coupons for organic and natural foods? The Whole Deal newsletter is filled with the best monthly organic and natural food coupons. Whole Foods also allows you to combine an in-store Whole Foods coupon with a manufacturers coupon for bigger savings. This is a great way to save on food and maintain your health. The Whole Deal newsletter can be found at the front of most Whole Foods stores or you can print out additional coupons over here.

2. Walmart – provides one of the more popular free samples and savings websites. It also has printable manufacturers coupons and exclusive offers. While not as good as Target, it does from time to time offer exclusive high-value manufacturers coupons that can be used at any store that accepts coupons.

3. Unilever  – Making Life Better website consists of consumer brands, Breyer, Dove, Hellman’s Degree, Knorr and Lipton to name a few. As all of the websites mentioned today, it includes money-saving coupons, promotions, and free samples. Registration is required. You can head over to Unilver Making Life Better to get started.

4. Target.com – is one of our favorite places to find in-store printable coupons. Target offers free samples but they usually go fast. You’ll want to periodically check over on its Free Sample Page. For the more extreme couponer, you already most certainly know that Target allows you to stack One Manufacturers Coupon with One Target in-store coupon for bigger savings. In the example above you’d save $5.00 on Huggies!  If you shop at Target, you definitely want to head over here and start printing out coupons. CONS:  we’d like to see Target separate its own in-store coupons from others that it provides on its page to avoid any confusion.

5.Procter & Gamble (P&G) – is one of the best product websites for giving out free samples and coupons. You can register for FREE at  P&G Everday member benefits. There are several promotions through the year on just about the entire Procter & Gamble family, including Tide, Bounty, Pampers, Gain, Crest, and Gillette to name a few. You’ll have opportunities to receive free samples and coupons sent to your home, including the Home Made Simple coupons booklets and you don’t want to miss out on exclusive emails.

6. Nestle – includes Nestle Toll House, Juicy Juice, Jack’s Pizza, Tombstone Pizza, Dreyer’s ice cream and more under its umbrella. It provides a nice and quick site where you can see if there are any available promotions or coupons links for any of its brands. Many of its promotions you’ll need a Facebook account to access. Just get started at Nestle Family Special Offers.

7. Johnson & Johnson – Healthy Essentials website has just completed a major makeover. You can print coupons for many of your favorite brands, including Band-Aid, Aveeno, Tylenol and Johnson’s Baby. You’ll need to register here before you can start your savings.

8. Kellogg’s – completed a major brand overhaul last year, and updated many of its sites. The cereal maker that also includes Kashi – organic brand and Keebler Crackers under its umbrella offers coupons, savings, and promotions all year long. If you enjoy Kellogg’s and many of its breakfast offering then you’ll want to join Kellogg’s Family Rewards. The new program is becoming a popular way of earning and saving points from Kellogg’s purchases that can be used to purchase higher value coupons and other Kellogg’s swag. Registration is required, head over here to starting saving.

9. General Mills – is another big family of products and has several different websites where you can find higher value coupon savings, free samples, and exclusive offers. General Mills tends to offer higher value printable coupons, especially on cereal than it does through the Sunday inserts and other coupons sites. For example, currently, you can print a $0.85 off Multi Grain Cheerios coupon if you were to go to Coupons.com it’s only $0.75. Here are the websites under the General Mills umbrella:


10. Campbell’s Soup – One of the most famous brands in the country has many of the same soup coupons that you find on other websites, but can be handy if you run into print limits elsewhere. Just head over to Campbell’s Kitchen Coupons And Special Offers page to get started.


More Savings:

Costco – offers free samples and coupons to members. Monthly Coupons are sent in the mail to members or at customer service. One of the biggest changes at Costco over the last year, it that many of its monthly coupons are automatic price reductions, so you no longer have to cut and tear them out of the monthly books.

ConAgra Foods – has multiple brands under its umbrella, including Healthy Choice, Chef Boyardee, Hunt’s, LA Choy, Orville Redenbacher’s and Swiss Miss to name a few. The drawback is the company does not have a central location to see all coupon offers. You’ll have to go to each individual brand’s website or Facebook fan page to check on offers.

Reckitt Benckiser Group – includes Air Wick, Calgon, Clearasil, Finish, and French’s Mustard to name a few. Most, if it’s coupons, are all powered by Coupons.com. You can sign up for HomeSolutions News to get any updates and promotions sent directly to your email.

SC Johnson & Company – Right At Rome, includes brands Windex, Pledge, Glade, and Kiwi to name a few. You can pretty much find SC Johnson cleaning product coupons plastered just about everywhere. Join the Right At Home newsletter to be the first to know about higher value coupons, coupon booklets, and promotions.


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